Mission Statement: We strive to affect positive change in peoples’ lives, one animal at a time.

"Not the Zoo you Knew"

Zootah first opened its gates in 1970 and was named Willow Park Zoo.  Located on the south end of Logan near the Cache County Fairground, its covers 7 acres of tree-lined pathways where visitors can view a wide variety of native and exotic Utah animals.


Over the years the zoo has undergone many changes with the most significant change occurring in 2013 when it became a private non-profit organization.  Since then, time and energy has been focused on growing and diversifying its animal collection and expanding its educational and outreach programs.


At Zootah we strive to affect positive change in people’s lives, one animal at a time.  

We would like to thank those who come to the zoo and support us, and for making Zootah a jewel of Cache Valley!


Zootah is a multi-generational zoo established nearly 50 years ago by Doug Eames. Eames had a passion for pheasants and waterfowl, and officially started a bird aviary in 1970 called Willow Park Zoo. 


The zoo was ran by the city until 2013, when the zoo decided to become a non-profit organization. In 2012, Troy Cooper became the new director of the zoo after the previous zoo director, Rod Wilhelm, retired (learn more about the staff here).


In 2017, the zoo rebranded and changed their name from Willow Park Zoo, to Zootah at Willow Park. Currently, Zootah is investing in new exhibits, animals, and events to stay open year-round. Stay updated on new happenings at the zoo by visiting our social media accounts. 

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