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We strive to affect positive change in peoples’ lives, one animal at a time.

Welcome to Zootah – Logan, Utah’s community zoo since 1970! Formerly the Willow Park Zoo, our seven-acre zoo is located just next to the Cache County Fairgrounds. There our tree-lined pathways provide the perfect accessible outing for guests of all ages. 

Zootah became a PRIVATE non-profit organization in 2013. Since then, our team has been able to devote even more time and energy to growing and diversifying our animal collection, as well as expanding our education and outreach programs.

We’re grateful to all of our guests, members and sponsors for supporting our mission over the years. Thank you for helping to make Zootah a jewel of the Cache Valley!


Zootah is a multi-generational zoo established nearly 50 years ago Logan City. Doug Eames had a passion for pheasants and waterfowl, and convinced city leaders to start the bird avieary in 1970 called Willow Park Zoo. The zoo was funded and operated by the city until 2013, when the zoo decided to become a PRIVATE non-profit organization. In 2012, Troy Cooper became the new director of the zoo after the previous zoo director, Rod Wilhelm, retired (learn more about the staff here). In 2017, the zoo rebranded and changed their name from Willow Park Zoo, to Zootah at Willow Park. Currently, Zootah is investing in new exhibits, animals, and events to stay open year-round. Stay updated on new happenings at the zoo by visiting our social media platforms. 

Zoo Map

Need a little help navigating Zootah? Consult our trusty map. You’ll know exactly where to hang a right at the porcupine in no time!

Volunteer / Careers


A great zoo doesn’t just need great animals. It needs great people as well! We’re always looking for passionate volunteers to help make Zootah an even better place, and no career is more rewarding than one spent among lemurs and bobwhites. We welcome you to inquire about our volunteer and career opportunities today!


  • Internship (for School Credit)
  • College Credit
    • Any department
  • B-Tech
    • Any department
Animal Keeper Volunteers

Animal keeper volunteers work closely alongside our animal keepers to help with their tasks. Many of these volunteers have a desire to pursue a career in a zoo setting. Zootah provides an excellent opportunity to get started in animal keeper work. We are a small zoo which means you will have a wide variety of jobs and the opportunity to work with many different animals. We welcome you to come work alongside our staff to help maintain a healthy, happy environment for our animals. We rely on these volunteers to be present when scheduled; therefore, we ask you only apply to this position if you are able to commit 3 hours a week on a consistent basis.

Some of your responsibilities will include:

*Cleaning enclosures and grounds
*Preparing animal diets
*Creating enrichment


At least 18 years of age
*Able to commit to 3 hours a week
*Committed to maintaining a positive attitude and working well with others!

To apply, please email and ask for an application.

Special Projects Volunteers

Our special projects volunteers are dedicated to making the zoo look better. If you’d like to help out at the zoo but are unable to commit to several hours each week, this group may be a good fit for you. We will meet once every two weeks and work for 2-3 hours on a section of the zoo.

Please contact if you’re interested with your name, age, and availability. Minimum age requirement for our special projects volunteers is 13. 

Youth Volunteer Program

Volunteers between the ages of 13-17, contact us at

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Please contact us today for any help you might need planning your visit to Zootah!