Be an adoptive parent at Zootah!

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Each animal at the zoo has specific needs. Your symbolic adoption contributes to the welfare of the many animals that call Zootah home. Adopt an Animal funds are used to provide special animal care, enrichment, special diets, and exhibit improvements.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, fill out the following form, and mail it into the zoo or drop it off, or email it to the address below:



419 W 700S

Logan UT 84321


Our lemurs are getting moved into their new exhibit soon!  However with moving comes new furnishings.  

Thank you to our current adoptees: 

Alex, Emily, and Ben Wild

Callin Westwood

Aubree Fuller


Flame and scarlet would love some new enrichment opportunities!  Adopt a fox today to help provide them with that opportunity to help them be engaged and healthy with their zoo environment!

Thank you to our current adoptees: 



Rufus and Sage are getting a bigger enclosure!  However there is still supplies that are needed to help get their enclosure to where it needs to be.  Adopt a coyote to help contribute to their needs!


Thank you to our current adoptees: 


We have many, many reptiles at the zoo that would love to have a nice display exhibit.  Your adoption of a reptile will help us get new display enclosures and exhibits for them!  Choose from the list below:

– Turtles




Thank you to our current adoptees: 

Mar and Juli: Sulcata Tortoises

Porcupines and Raccoons:

Our porcupines and raccoons are always looking for new enrichment toys and in need of fresh produce!  Adopt one today to help them thrive!


Thank you to our current adoptees: 

Birds of Prey:

We have multiple different birds of prey at Zootah!  They need very specific care and special interaction time.  Choose from the birds below:

Great Horned Owl- Ashley and Shadowfax

Western Screech Owl- Whodini

Red Tailed Hawk- Sydney

Bald Eagle- Steel


Thank you to our current adoptees: 

Neil and Tova Jones Family (Bald Eagle)



The caracal exhibit is expanding, and they need help getting a new warm den and creating better viewing access!  Your donation will go towards their new exhibit!

Thank you to out current adoptees:

Christine Maughan




Tropical birds/ Parrots:


We have been raising money for Blu’s new enclosure but still have a little ways to go.  Your donation will help get his enclosure funded!  Or if you would like to adopt one of our tropical birds or parrots, your donation will go towards their enrichment.


Thanks to our current adoptees:

Small Mammals:


Small mammals love to chew!  They always need new toys/games to keep their mouths busy, as well as places to hide and nest!


Thanks to our current adoptees:

Bridger Westwood- Sugar Gliders

Trumpeter Swan:

This new animal addition  to the zoo was made possible by our current adoptee:

John A. Kerr


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