Hello, my name is


Age:  8 Years Old

Birthday:. 07/23/13

Sex: Male

Favorite Food:  Mealworms

Favorite Activity:  Jumping around!

Species Info

Habitat/Range: African Grey Crowned Cranes are found from eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, Uganda and Kenya to southeastern South Africa. They are non migratory cranes and live in dry savannahs; however, they often nest near wetland habitats. 

Behavior: African Grey Crowned Cranes are omnivorous and feed on grasses, seeds, insects and other invertebrates, small vertebrates, groundnuts, soybeans, maize, and millet. They are often found in large flocks of 30-150 birds. Dancing is an important part of their culture, particularly around courtship but also throughout the year. 

Breeding/mating: African Grey Crowned Cranes form life-long, monogamous bonds. Mates strengthen their bonds by dancing with and preening one another. They breed during the wet, rainy season when food and water are more available. Breeding pairs build nests along the edges of wetlands and are highly territorial around their nests. Females lay up to four eggs per clutch which are born precocial and can run immediately after birth. Once fully fledged, offspring leave their parents to start their own families. 

Conservation:They are an endangered species largely due to habitat loss, particularly of wetlands. Eggs are also captured for illegal trade. The International Crane Foundation is working to limit illegal trading of eggs and is working with local communities to increase pride and education of the cranes as well as improving wetland conservation. How you can help: https://www.savingcranes.org/african-crane-trade/

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