Hello, my name is

Asher and Onyx!

Age: unknown

Birthday: unknown

Sex: male

Favorite Food: Carrots

Favorite Activity: Burrowing in bushes

Species Info

Habitat/Range: Asian Forest Tortoises are endemic to temperate, moist, and broadleaf forests of Southeast Asia and are the largest tortoises found on mainland Asia. 

Behavior: These tortoises feed mainly on plant matter but will occasionally eat small invertebrates and amphibians. 

Breeding: Males court females with head-bobing and by closely following the female until he is able to mount. Asian Forest Tortoises are the only species of tortoise that lays its eggs in an above ground nest which the female creates from leaf litter. She lays up to 50 eggs inside the nest which she protects until they hatch. 

Conservation: Listing: Critically Endangered. 

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