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Habitat/Range: Bearded dragons are found in the deserts of Australia. 

Behavior: They are called bearded dragons because they have a black beard that gets darker and puffs out, usually when they feel scared, stressed or threatened.  During cool temperatures they go into a type of hibernation called brumation. They rarely move or eat during this time but will occasionally drink water. One way they are adapted to the heat and dryness in the desert is through their bumpy skin. They can collect water between the bumps and wrinkles on their backs and drink it when they’re thirsty. Bearded dragons have a social hierarchy, dominant males have more access to females. 

Breeding: Males seek mates after coming out of brumation. Males perform a courtship ritual that consists of head bobbing, waving their arms, and stomping their feet. After mating, females can storm sperm in oviductal crypts. This allows them to lay two separate clutches of eggs from one mating. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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