Hello, my name is


Age: 6 years

Birthday: July 16th

Sex: Male

Favorite Food: Almonds

Favorite Activity: Taking baths

Species Info

Habitat/Range: The Blue-throated Macaw is one of the world’s rarest birds. It is endemic to a small area of the western Amazon Basin in northeastern Bolivia and was only discovered in the 1990s! It lives on a seasonally inundated flood plain that is the largest grass floodplain in South America. It prefers palm groves or low-statures species poor tropical forests in humid lowlands. 

Behavior: These parrots love to eat palm fruits from Motacu palm groves (some of these groves are over 500 years old!). They sometimes roost communally with other macaw species, such as the Blue-and-gold Macaw. 

Breeding: Blue-troated Macaws form monogamous pairs with breeding beginning in the dry season (August) and extends into the rainy season (February). Females lay 1-3 eggs per clutch. The nestling period is about 85 days. Once young leave the nest they do not remain with their parents for long. 

Conservation: Blue-throated Macaws are critically endangered birds due to their small distribution and incredible specific habitat requirements. However, there are recovery plants put in place by Bolivia and a recent population estimate puts the population a bit under 500 individuals, which is higher than it was thought to be. 

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