Hello, my name is

Lucky, Chestnut, Quasi, and Rocco!

Age: Lucky- 12 years

Birthday: May 15th

Sex: Female

Favorite Food: Greens

Favorite Activity: Squeezing into tight spaces!

Species Info





Species info: Box turtles are found across much of North America. Four species are found in the United States and two in Mexico. Asian box turtles are found throughout southeast Asia with 12 different extant (living) species  Box turtles are considered a terrapin, which is in-between a turtle and a tortoise because they require both terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Our box turtles look kind of funny because they were not properly cared for before they came to the zoo. If you have a pet turtle, make sure they are feed a proper diet and have a UV light. However, it is not recommended to keep box turtles as pets because of their special care requirements and their dwindling wild populations. Box turtles can protect themselves by closing the front of their shell, which keeps their head safe! 

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