Hello, my name is


Age:  11 years

Birthday: February 3rd

Sex: Male

Favorite Food:  Rabbit

Favorite Activity: Playing with feathers!

Species Info

Habitat/Range: The Canada Lynx are found in boreal forests in North America. Their range extends from northern regions of the contiguous US, Alaska, and Canada. 

Behavior: Canada Lynx are excellent hunters. Their feet act as natural “snowshoes” and allow them to pad silently through the night. They feed mainly on Snowshoe hares, and their populations are tied together in a cyclic relationship. When Snowshoe hares are abundant, lynx populations thrive. Eventually, hare populations decrease due to overhunting by the lynx. The lynx aren’t able to find food as easily and their population size decreases. This allows the Snowshoe hare population to recover which, in turn, allows the lynx population to recover. Lynx are solitary creatures other than the bond between mother and offspring and the very short time mates come together to breed. 

Breeding: Canada Lynx breed between March and April. They give birth 2-3 months later to a litter of one to eight kittens. The kittens are weaned 12 weeks later. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. Canada Lynx are regularly trapped for the international fur trade. However, they are protected in the southern parts of their range due to increased threat from habitat loss. 

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