Habitat/Range: Canada geese are found throughout North America from south of Mexico to Northern Canada. They are found all over from farmlands, lakes, and rivers to urban areas with ponds, fountains, and reservoirs. 

Behavior:  Canada geese are dabblers, which means they feed with their head down and butt in the air. Many ducks and geese feed this way, but there are some who dive fully underwater to feed. 

Breeding: These geese usually start breeding in their fourth year and upon finding a mate, typically mate for life. They build open, cup shaped nests on the ground with grasses, sedges, and lichens. Hatchlings are born covered in soft, fluffy down and leave their nests 1-2 days after birth. Many hatchlings remain with their parents for up to a year. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. These geese thrive in urban areas! Well manicured golf courses and lawns have created such suitable habitat that some populations no longer migrate. They are even considered a nuisance in some areas, such as near airports where collisions with planes can be very dangerous. The roughly 2.6 million Canada geese harvested yearly by hunters doesn’t even dent their populations. 


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