Hello, my name is

The peacocks of Zootah!

Age: Varies

Birthday: Varies

Sex: Male and female

Favorite Food: Peacock feed

Favorite Activity: Displaying feathers

Species Info

Habitat/Range: Common peafowl, or Indian peafowl, are native to India. In India, they live in both moist and dry deciduous forests. However, they have been introduced to many areas across North America. They have adapted to many different climates; some even reside in Canada! 

Behavior: Male peafowl (peacocks) are much larger than females (peahens) and are much more colorful! They have the characteristic blue color and brilliant tail feathers we associate with peafowl. 

Breeding: Males attract females by raising and shaking their tail feathers. Females are thought to select males with the brightest and longest tail feathers. Successful males form harems of several females, each of which lays 3 to 5 eggs.  

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. 

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