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Species Info

Green-cheeked Conure

Habitat/Range: Green-cheeked conures are found in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. 

Behavior: These noisy birds forage at the tops of trees in flocks of 10-20 individuals. 

Breeding: They nest in tree cavities and lay 4-6 eggs per clutch that incubate for 22-25 days. 

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. 

Jenday Conure

Habitat/Range: Jenday conures are native to northeastern Brazil. 

Behavior: These conures love fruits and, unfortunately for farmers, are fans of cultivated crops. 

Breeding: Jenday conures nest in tree hollows at least 50 feet high and lay 3-6 eggs per clutch which incubate for 26 days. 

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. 

Pineapple Conure

Pineapple conures are variants of the Green-cheeked conure. They have bright breast colors, a tan head, and lime green feathers on their back. 

In this exhibit there are lots of colorful birds called conures!  They are lively little guys that are loud and beautiful. There are multiple types of conures in this one exhibit.  It includes Green Cheeked conures, Pineapple conures, Jenday conures, and Sun conures.  Last year the zoo hatched and hand raised 9 babies and added them to the flock!  If you really want to get up close and personal you can join us daily for a special conure feeding session purchased at the gift shop!

Species info: All conure species are native to Central and South America. They live in small flocks of up to 20 individuals. Due to their love of grain, they are considered pests in many agricultural areas!

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