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Habitat/Range: Corn snakes are found throughout the southeastern and central U.S. 

Behavior: Corn snakes are constrictor snakes. This means they wrap around their prey to subdue them before swallowing them whole. They are often found in corn fields where mice and other rodents are abundant. 

Breeding: Corn snakes typically brumate over winter for 60-90 days before breeding in the springtime. Egg laying occurs approximately one month after mating. Females lay 12-24 eggs in a warm, moist, and hidden location. Juveniles reach sexual maturity once they are a certain size rather than a specific age. 

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. Corn snakes are harmless reptiles that play an important role for humans by controlling rodent populations. If a corn snake is living around your garden or under a shed, leave it be! It’s likely keeping pesky rodents from ruining crops or entering your home.   

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