Hello, my name is

Rufus & Sage!

Age: 9 years

Birthday: March 13th

Sex: Rufus- male, Sage- female

Favorite Food: Rabbit

Favorite Activity: digging holes

Species info

Habitat/Range: Coyotes are found in prairies, open forest, and brush across most of North America. They adapt well to the invasion of humans in natural areas and will even raid garbage cans. 

Behavior: Coyotes are frequently shamed as livestock killers; however, they mainly feed on rodents, rabbits, and other smaller prey. Sometimes, coyotes team up to take down larger prey such as deer. Its serenades of howls, barks, and wails are well known throughout the west. The most basic social structure of coyotes are family units with one reproductive females. Coyotes have been known to mate with domestic dogs creating hybrids known as coydogs. 

Breeding: Coyote families form midwinter when females enter estrus. She attracts males by scent marking and increased howling. Nearby reproductive males (up to 7) are attracted to her and follow her around for as long as a month. Once she selects her mate, the other males will move on once they detect other estrous females. The pair sticks together to defend a territory and build a den or take advantage of an abandoned den. Once pups are born, they are completely dependent on milk for 10 days and weaned after two months. Pups leave the den in June and July and join their parents in hunting and defending their territory.  

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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