Hello, my name is

The diamond doves of Zootah!

Age: Ranges

Birthday: Ranges

Sex: Males and Females

Favorite Food: Fruit

Favorite Activity: pick through grass

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Diamond doves are native to Australis and are predominately found near water in semi-arid regions. They are occasional visitors to parks and gardens. 

Behavior: Diamond doves, like other doves, mainly forage on seeds and grasses on the ground. These little birds and well adapted to extreme heat and remain active throughout the day.  They are social birds and travel in flocks. 

Breeding: Diamond doves mainly breed in the spring and build nests by weaving grasses and twigs. Females typically lay two small, white eggs that incubate for 13 to 14 days. Chicks grow quickly and are fully feathered and flying in two weeks! 

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. Actual population size is unknown. 

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