Let Zootah Give Your Students a Lesson They’ll Never Forget

Zootah has many opportunities for learning at any age. Zootah is much more than a fun destination. Our animals and the passionate people that care for them are always ready to teach our visitors. We love introducing everyone to the enchanting world of animals here at our zoo and at your location.

Outreach Programs

Can’t come to the zoo? Let Zootah bring the zoo to you! Whether you’re planning a special day for your classroom, a school assembly, or any other educational event, our kid-friendly animals and their passionate handlers are available to present at your location. Our Outreach programs are also the perfect addition to your private or corporate gatherings too!

Food Chain Presentation

Rabbit, Snake, and Invertebrates – 30 Minutes, $75.00

Learn about the food chain, how each species depends on one another for survival, and the delicate balance of our ecosystem. (Warning: Bunnies are exceptionally cute.)

Birds & Feathers Presentation

– Tropical Bird, Owl, and Variety of Feathers and Artifacts – 30 Minutes, $100.00

Learn about how birds differ from each other.

Reptile Presentation

– Turtle, Lizard and Snake – 30 Minutes, $75.00

Learn about the differences between the three major types of reptiles, as well as the basics of caring for scaly things.

The Art of Animals
– Two Small Animals (i.e. Snake, Lizard, Turtle, Bird, Chinchilla, Sugar Glider, Guinea Pig) – 30 Minutes, $60.00 ($75.00 with art materials included)

Meet two small animals and learn how to draw them.

Customize Your Own Topic
– 30 Minutes

Two animals: $60.00
Three animals: $75.00
Four animals: $85.00
$15.00 for each additional 20 minutes

School Assembly

– Four Animals – 30 Minutes, $125.00

Prices are based on groups of up to 25 students.

Field Trips

Thinking about booking a field trip at Zootah?  On your field trip, you will get the opportunity to explore different animals and their habitats as you go around the zoo.  You and your students will also have the opportunity to have hands on experiences with a few of the animals that will be out in the learning center for encounters.

*Cancellation Policy:  We understand that you might have plans that change.  However if we do not know about that change, it takes a lot of time for us to set up for your field trip, and if you don’t show up, we lose that time.  If you need to cancel or reschedule your field trip, please do so at least 48 hours PRIOR to your field trip date, and we will be happy to work with you!  If you scheduled a field trip and do not show up and did not notify us BEFORE your date, you will be receiving a $50 invoice.
**Cancellations due to inclimate weather will be looked at on an individual basis


Teachers: 2 teachers free/class of students
One to one aides for students with disabilities: Free
Students: $2 each
All other Adults/Chaperones: $2 each
Siblings ages 2+ $2 each
*Education presentations are $15 each. We recommend 20-30 students/presentation.
Cancellation Policy:
We understand that your plans may need to change. All cancellations or rescheduling must be 48 hours before the scheduled field trip. Cancellations less than 48 hours before your scheduled date or no shows will result in a $50 charge.
Cancellations due to inclement weather will be considered on an individual basis.
Late Policy:
We understand that tardiness happens and is often beyond our control, but lateness may result in education presentations being rescheduled or canceled depending on appointment availability.

Click the links below if you would like to print out a worksheet for your grade level to do at or after your zoo trip.


Homeschool Program

Please email education@zootah.org for further information.

Your homeschooled children already have the best teacher. Our Homeschool Program will make their educational experience even better! Homeschool students meet one hour a week for STEM based, hands-on, science lessons. Perfect for parents who want to introduce their children to the fascinating worlds of zoology and biology!

Each week we will start with an educational lesson followed by an activity or craft and animal interactions. The activities will be tailored to each age group. We will also provide supplemental take-home activities students will have the option to work on at home to extend the learning experience.

Winter 2023 Program Overview
Students will meet once a week for an hour over the 4-week period. Each session will start with a presentation followed by an educational activity and a visit with some of the Zootah animals. We will be learning more about animal classification. We will be learning about the Orders: Carnivora, Accipitriformes & Strigiformes, Artidodactyla, and Squamata. Classes will be co taught by Troy and Melissa. Our Homeschool Program is STEM-based and follows the engineering process. Each lesson is tailored to its age group.

Classes will begin the week of January 23rd. There will be two sections each day. One from 9:00-10:00 am and one from 10:30-11:30 am. The Monday classes are limited to 10 students each. The other classes (Tuesday and Thursday) are limited to 15 students each.

Mondays: Pre-K & K
Tuesdays: Grades 1-3
Thursdays: Grades 4-6

Non-Members: $34 for the 4-week session
Members: $28 for the 4-week session

Please contact us today for any help you might need planning your visit to Zootah!