Hello, my name is

Eugene & Baby Boom Boom!

Age: 14, 5 years

Birthday:  Unknown

Sex: Male and female

Favorite Food:  Greens

Favorite Activity: Playing in water

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Emus are native to Australia and live in semi-arid environments. 

Behavior: Emus are well adapted to arid environments and drink infrequently. When they do have access to water, they drink copious amounts. Emus are largely diurnal forage on a variety of plants and insects. They do wake periodically throughout the night to defecate and feed. They are social animals, except during the breeding season. 

Breeding: Emus form pairs during the summer months (December and January in Australia). The pair defends a small territory during this time. Actually mating occurs during the coolest time of year, between April and June. Males construct nests in semi-sheltered hollows on the ground. After the females lays her eggs (5-15 per clutch), the male incubates the eggs for about 8 weeks. During this time, he hardly eat or drinks and rarely moves from the nest. Chicks grow quickly and are full-grown within 5-6 months.  

Conservation: Listing: Least Concern. 

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