Hello, my name is

Ashley and Shadowfax!

Age: Shadow- 22 years, Ashley- 13

Birthday: Shadow- March 29th, Ashley Jan 1st

Sex: Female

Favorite Food: Rabbit

Favorite Activity: Hiding in dark corners

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Great horned owls are common owls in North America and are found in deserts, forests, wetlands, and grasslands as well as cities and backyards. 

Behavior: Great horned owls have powerful beaks and talons. They are able to apply 28 pounds of pressure when gripping prey with their talons! Their diet is extremely varied and includes scorpions, many rodents, raptors, ducks, insects, and other birds. They are excellent nocturnal creatures with their giant eyes and silent flight. 

Breeding: Breeding pairs usually nest in junipers, cottonwoods, beech, pines, and other trees and will typically adopt a nest that was built by another species. Males and females roost together during breeding season. Females lay 1-4 eggs per clutch that incubate for 30-37 days. They are born altricial (helpless and not very developed) and remain in their nests for about 2 months. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. Great horned owls, as well as all birds of prey, are now protected and hunting of these owls is illegal. 

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