Fall registration now open!

Students will meet once a week for an hour over the 6-week period. Each session will start with an educational PowerPoint followed by an activity. Activities will mostly be STEM based and follow the Engineering Process. We will tailor each activity to Utah’s education standard for each age group. We will also provide supplemental take-home activities students will have the option to work on at home. We hope this will ease the workload on parents to come up with all the educational materials needed for their home-schooled kids!

Fall Dates:

Sept 13th—October 22nd

Mondays: Preschool and Kindergarten

Wednesdays: 1st—3rd Grade

Fridays: 4th—6th Grade


Regular prices: $8 per class or $40 for the 6-week session

Member prices: $5 per class or $25 for the 6-week session



Preschool and Kindergarten: 10am on Mondays

1st—3rd Grade: 10am on Wednesdays

4th—6th Grade: 10am on Fridays 

Weekly Topics: 

Week 1: Alpine Biome

  • Featured animals: Elk, Chinchilla 

Week 2: Desert Biome

  • Featured animals: Blue-tongued skink, Bearded dragon 

Week 3: Temperate Forest Biome

  • Featured animals: Utah natives- Mule deer, Fox, Coyote, Great-horned Owl 

Week 4: Wetlands Biome 

  • Featured animals: Ducks, Geese, Pelican 

Week 5: Boreal Forest Biome

  • Featured animals: Reindeer, Canada lynx 

Week 6: Tropical Forest Biome 

  • Featured animals: Capuchins, Lemurs, Tropical birds 


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