Habitat/Range: Madagascar hissing cockroaches are endemic to the island of Madagascar, which is off of Africa’s east coast. They are often found inside rotting logs. 

Behavior: These cockroaches are called hissing cockroaches because of the sounds they expel by forcing air out through their specially-adapted openings (called spirals) on the fourth segment of their body. They are only one member of a group of roaches that is able to hiss. They have three forms of hissing: the disturbance hiss, the female-attracting hiss, and the aggressive fighting hiss. Due to their unique hiss, they are actually fairly common exotic pets. They are unique to other cockroaches in that they are unable to fly. 

Breeding: Hissing cockroaches are relatively long lived for roaches and live 2 to 5 years. Females are ovoviparous, which means they give birth to live young. Females carry the eggs and neonate nymphs for 60 days before giving birth to instar nymphs. They can give birth to 30-60 nymphs at a time. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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