Hello, my name is

Hawkeye, Natasha, Neilson, & Groot

Age: Varies

Birthday:  Varies 

Sex:  Male and Female

Favorite Food: Lettuce

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

Range/Habitat: Nene Geese (or Hawaiian Geese) are endemic to the islands of Hawaii and are found on barren, volcanic slopes with sparse vegetation. 

Behavior: Nene Geese are well adapted to living on lava slopes. They have little webbing between their feet which allows them to climb well on land and forage for food around lava flows. They live in family groups during the breeding season but “flock up” with other families in the winter. In September, they break up again to breed. 

Breeding: Nene Geese have the longest breeding season of any goose (from August through April). While the female incubates the eggs, the male acts as a sentry and scares off any potential threats. They give off a unique alarm “honk” with their tongue sticking out of their beak! Nene Geese are one of two geese species that copulate on land. Females lay 1-5 eggs per clutch that are born precocial (well developed). 

Conservation:  Listing: Vulnerable. Nene Geese are the rarest goose in the world with only about 2,500 in the wild. Their populations dwindled from around 25,000 in the late 1700s to only 30 by 1952 due to hunting pressure and introduced predators such as mongoose, cats, pigs and dogs. They are a captive breeding success story with first release taking place in 1960. Their populations are now stable. 

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