Hello, my name is


Age: 3 years

Birthday: September 1st

Sex: Male

Favorite Food: Veggies

Favorite Activity: Laying in the sun

Habitat/Range: Netherland dwarf rabbits originated in the Netherlands and do not exist in the wild. Wild rabbits were bred with small Polish rabbits to create this breed. Now, they are a popular show and pet rabbit. 

Behavior: Rabbits can make great pets! They are prey animals, which means they are eaten by other animals such as coyotes and foxes. They can be quite skittish and prefer calm environments. It’s important to always support rabbit’s back legs when handling because they can kick so hard trying to escape they can actually break their spine. 

Breeding: Rabbits will breed whenever a sexually mature male and female are put together. Release of eggs by females is actually triggered through mating, not via a hormonal cycle, like in humans. Pregnancy lasts around 31 days after which a small litter of kits, usually around 4, are born. Kits are born completely hairless, eyes closed, and deaf. They start to grow hair a few days after birth and their eyes and ears are open by day 10. Females are able to get pregnant again within 24 hours after giving birth; however, most breeders wait at least 35 days to rebreed the does. When two “true” dwarf rabbits are bred, roughly 25% of their offspring will not survive. These offspring are called “peanuts” and are thought to die due to underdeveloped digestive tracks. 

Conservation: Not listed as they are a domestic breed. 

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