Outreach Programs

If you are unable to travel to the zoo, we can come to you!

 Schedule an outreach program for your class, group, or event and

 Zootah will bring the animals to you.    Please fill out the form

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 Programs and Pricing:

 Food Chain presentation


Price: $60 

Duration: 20 min.

Animals: bunny, inverts


This presentation is all about the food chain and how each species depends on each other for survival and balances the ecosystem.


Birds and feathers presentation


Price: $100

Duration: 30 min.

Animals: 1 tropical bird, 1 owl, variety of feathers and artifacts


This presentation focuses on birds, feathers, and owls.  You will learn about different types of feathers, their uses, differences between a bird and owl, and in depth facts/anatomy about owls


Reptile presentation:


Price: $70

Duration:  30 min.

Animals: turtle, lizard, snake


This presentation will introduce you to 3 different types of reptiles.  You will learn about each one and facts about their species, basics on reptile care


The art of animals:

Price: $60.00 (or $75 including all materials- art paper, pencils)

Duration: 30 min.

Animals: two small animals (snake, lizard, turtle, small bird, small mammal- chinchilla, sugar glider, guinea pig)


This presentation will include two animals that students will get to meet, and an short lesson on how to draw them.


Customize your own topic:

Ideas- coverings (feathers, shells, skin), homes and habitats, adaptations, feet and body parts, 


Price: $65 (includes two animals)

$75 (includes three animals)

$85 (includes four animals)

Duration: 30 min. 

(Add $15 for each additional 20 min.)


School assembly

Price: $125

Duration: 30 min

Includes: 4 animals


*discounts for additional presentations booked at the same school/same day.

*Prices are based on a class size up to 25 students, additional students may include an additional charge. or require a second group

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