1-Day Camp – Aviary Aeronautics Camp: Soaring with Zootah!


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Camp Description
Calling All Young Rocketeers!
Are your little ones ready to spread their wings and reach for the skies? Look no further than our Aviary Aeronautics Camp, where budding aviators and feathered enthusiasts come together for a high-flying adventure!

What’s in Store?

  • Rocket Building: Our kiddos will channel their inner engineers as they construct their very own rockets. From nose cone to tail fin, they’ll learn the art of aerodynamics and design.
  • Bird-Inspired Decor: Forget plain old rockets! Our campers will jazz up their creations with colorful bird stickers. Who knew that a toucan could make a rocket look cooler?
  • Launch Extravaganza: Picture this: Willow Park, a clear blue sky, and rockets soaring toward the heavens. Our young aviators will ignite their imaginations (and their rockets) as they launch them into orbit!
  • Snack Time: Because even rocket scientists need fuel! We’ll provide snacks to keep those creative minds firing on all cylinders.

Meet Landon, Our Feathered Engineer!
Landon, a bird-loving engineer, will share fascinating insights about the connection between birds and rockets. Did you know that falcons inspired early rocket designs? Or that hummingbirds are the ultimate masters of lift? Landon’s got the scoop!

Session Details:
Morning Session (Ages 7-9):10:00am-12:00pm
-Rocket-Building Fun and Bird Chatter

Afternoon Session (Ages 10-12): 1:00pm-3:00pm
-Sticker Art, Rocket Launch Countdowns, and More!

Parents, You’re Invited!
Join us for the grand finale! During the last hour of each session, parents can lend a hand (or wing) as we send our rockets skyward. It’s a family affair!

Ready for Takeoff?
Reserve your spot now and let your little zootahs spread their wings at the Aviary Aeronautics Camp.

Disclaimer: No actual birds will be launched during this camp. Safety first!