Homeschool Program – High School Biology


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Fall 2024 Program Overview
High School Biology
Understanding the structure and function of life from the level of the cell to entire ecosystems! Learn how organisms of all sizes interact to create healthy, balanced ecosystems. This course covers the first two Utah SEED Biology Standards: Interactions with organisms and the environment, and the structure and function of life. All classes will include a lesson and hands- on lab experience designed to develop critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.

High school biology is a semester-long course with a total of 12 classes. Class will meet from 10 AM-12 PM on Mondays, beginning September 9th and ending December 2nd. There are no prerequisites for this course; however, we recommend that your child has completed at least one year of middle school biology.

-Wildlife Learning Center (WLC), Zootah. September 9th – November 4th.
-Cache County Event Center. November 11th – December 2nd. Labs will still take place at Zootah.
-There will be no class during the week of Thanksgiving (November 25th).

Non-Members: $180/student
Members: $162/student

Textbook, Concepts of Biology. An online copy of Concepts of Biology can be viewed/downloaded for free on openstax:

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