Hello, my name is


Age: 32

Birthday: February 18th

Sex: Female

Favorite Food: Almonds

Favorite Activity: Getting pets and cuddles

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Senegal parrots are found across northwestern Africa and migrate across their range with seed, fruit, and blossom availability. They are found in both woodlands and savannas. They are considered pests in Africa due to their tendency to flock around agricultural fields. 

Behavior: Senegal parrots forage in flocks of 10-20 individuals on a variety of fruits and grains. They often live for 25-30 years in the wild; however, in captivity can live up to 50 years.  

Breeding: Like other parrot species, Senegal parrots nest in tree holes. Individuals form monogamous pairs and mate from September through May. During this time, males guard the nest and feed the female while she incubates the eggs. Females lay 2-4 eggs per clutch and incubate the eggs for 25-28 days. Chicks are born altricial (naked, not very developed) and are not fully independent until 12 weeks of age.  

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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