Question: Is there a deadline to register for summer camps 2021?

Answer: Yes, the camps will close May 24th 2021. You need to register and pay BEFORE that date to secure your spot in camp.

Question: Can I register for multiple camps?

Answer: Yes you can.  If you have one child that would like to do a couple of camps, just fill out the registration form ONE time, add both camps your child would like to enroll in  to your cart, and check out. Make note in the additional information box this is what you are doing.  If you have multiple kids registering for a camp they will each need to fill out a separate registration form, but you can pay for all the camps at once.

Question: I referred a friend and they are going to sign up for summer camp.  How do I get my discount?

Answer: Once both you and your friends registration form has been submitted, within 24 hours you will receive your coupon code that will give you the discount.  Make sure when you are filling out registration, you mention your friends name so we know when their form has also come through.

Question: I filled out the registration form and submitted it and have not received my coupon code. Why?

Answer: We receive an email every time a registration is submitted, then we can look through it to see if you qualify for the selected discount. For example, if you marked member discount, and are not a member, you will not receive a member discount code.  If you do qualify and have still not received your code, please email us at

Question: What if I filled out a form, but have not paid (or vise versa, paid for a camp but have not filled out the registration form)

Answer: You must have BOTH the registration form submitted and completed payment of camp to be officially enrolled.

Question:  I filled out the registration form, but when I went to pay the form was also on the summer camp in my cart. Do I need to fill it out again?

Answer: No, if you have already submitted a registration form, you do not need to do it again.  The form is there in case someone misses the summer camp page and goes directly to the product, they can do both there.

Question: My child can no longer attend camp. What should I do? Can I get a refund?

Answer: If your plans have changed and your child can no longer attend camp, please contact us ASAP.  Send an email to with your info and child’s info so we can get it processed.  You will receive a 100% refund if you cancel BEFORE summer camp registration closes, MAY 24th.  If you cancel after that date you will NOT receive any refund, however we will mail you your camp shirt and waterbottle. The reason for this is after May 24th we will order all the supplies, shirts, extras for camps for the current numbers we have, so no refund can be given after the orders are placed.


Question: Do you offer financial aid?

Answer: yes, please apply via the registration page at the. bottom, or the summer camp page. 


If you have any other unanswered questions, please email!

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