Summer camps are ALL FULL FOR 2021! If you'd like to be put on a waitlist please email with your name, campers name, interested camp date and time.

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Why Choose Camp Zootah?

-Make new, lifelong friends

-Have fun AND have educational learning experiences

-Participate in special opportunities others don’t get everyday at the zoo!

**Each camp includes a t-shirt, waterbottle, and small snack!

Member discount: 10% off each camp
Sibling discount: $5 off each camp
Friend Referral discount: $10 off each camp

Choose your camp:

2-Day Camps (ages 4-6) $50

Little Explorers:

Little explorers  is our summer camp tailored specifically to the younger ages.  Join us at Zootah for games, crafts, animals and more! Explore the zoo,  learn all about animals, and see and touch many of them! You will also get to help feed some of the animals, such as goats, ducks, and elk.

4-Day Camps (ages 7-12) $85

Farm Friends Camp:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a farm full of animals? Well this camp will give you that experience, without filling your house full of the mess!  Come learn how to take care of our chickens, goats, and rabbits.  See how they contribute to our lives and how to give them a healthy, happy life.  Expand your skillset by learning how to make butter and ice-cream from scratch!  This camp also includes a fishing trip right here at the zoo!


Mammal Mania Camp:

In this camp, you will get to learn about many of the mammals that call Zootah home.  You will explore a variety of their habitats, food, and behaviors.  You will be able to get up close and personal with some of them, as well as create “enrichment” for them inside their habitats to keep them active and healthy.  There will be some fun mammal games and activities to participate in everyday, as well as a trip to the aquatic center the last day!

Overnight Camp (ages 7-11) $25

Nocturnal Creatures Camp:

This camp is for kids who are curious about our nocturnal animals.  Have fun staying at the zoo overnight so you can see the animals that come out after it gets dark! Join us at camp Zootah for night time activities, a craft, and movie before bed, followed by breakfast in the morning!



 4-Day Camps

June 7th-10th

June 21st-24th 

AM camps: 9 AM-noon

*********** (ALL FULL)********

*********** (ALL FULL)********

PM camps: 1-4 PM

*********** (ALL FULL)********

*********** (ALL FULL)********

 2- Day Camps

June 14th-15th

June 16th-17th

AM camps: 9:30 AM to Noon

*********** (ALL FULL)********

*********** (ALL FULL)********

PM camps: 1:30 PM to 4 PM

*********** (ALL FULL)********

*********** (ALL FULL)********

 Overnight Camp

June 25th-26th

6:30 PM- 9:30 AM

*********** (ALL FULL)********

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