Hello, my name is

Barbie & Tonka!

Age:  Tonka- unknown Barbie- 17

Birthday: Unknown

Sex: Tonka- Male, Barbie- Female

Favorite Food: Dates

Favorite Activity: Licking peanut butter off frisbees 

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Tufted capuchins are native to South America in northern Amazonian forests where they live in both tropical wet and dry forests. 

Behavior: Like most primate species, tufted capuchins are social animals and live in groups of 2-20 individuals. Each group has a social hierarchy with one alpha male. Capuchins are very intelligent animals and can use tools to complete tasks. 

Breeding: Capuchins are polygynous with dominant males having the most access to females. Females have a gestation period of 180 days after which they give birth to one, occasionally two infants. Infants are carried on their mother’s back until they are able to move more independently. They are reliant on their mother for food until they are about 9 months old and do not reach sexual maturity until their 7th year. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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