Hello, my name is


Age: 31

Birthday: Feb. 14th

Sex: Male

Favorite Food: Almonds

Favorite Activity: Napping

Species Information

Range/Habitat: Yellow-headed Amazons are found in lowland forests in Mexico, eastern Guatemala, and northwestern Honduras. They are uncommon throughout most of their range. They reside in savannas, tropical deciduous forests, dense thorn forests, pacific swamp forests, evergreen flood-plain forests and dense gallery woodlands. They are also found in cultivated countryside with crops such as mangos, bananas and maize. 

Behavior: These parrots are found in pairs or flocks and form communal roosts. They prefer to eat in humid areas and feed on buds, new leaves, palm fruits, acacia seeds, and cultivated crops. 

Breeding: Yellow-headed Amazons form monogamous pairs and breed in tree cavities 6-15 meters high, preferably in pine trees. Breeding season is February till March in the south, and until June in the north. Females lay clutches of 2-3 eggs. 

Conservation: Listing: Endangered. Poaching for the pet trade has driven this bird to near extinction. Around half of all poached birds die before ever making it into the pet trade. 

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