Hello, my name is

Finches of Zootah!

Age: Varies

Birthday: Varies

Sex:  Males and Females

Favorite Food: Seeds

Favorite Activity: Sunbathing

Species Information

Habitat/Range: Zebra finches are native to central Australia. They are found on most of the continent except for moister areas along coastlines and the tropical north. They prefer arid regions. 

Behavior: Zebra finches nest in loose colonies of up to 50 nests. The number of individuals in each nest varies depending on whether or not it is breeding season. Both males and females typically disperse from their natal nesting area. Zebra finches mainly forage on the ground on grasses and seeds. When they need to drink water, they gather in large flocks around a water source and drink only once the group is large enough. This is a safety precaution against predators. With more birds present to keep watch, a predator is less likely to approach undetected. 

Breeding: Zebra finches breed during the rainy season a month or two after water becomes available. They form monogamous pairs with pairs lasting until one mate dies. Finches have both a roosting nest and a breeding nest. Females lay 2-8 eggs per clutch and are incubated for 14-16 days. 

Conservation: Listing: Least concern. 

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